Control Panels

We have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned control panels in a number of industries such as quarries, processing plants/factories, chemical process, water treatment, flood defence, marine, food production, printing, agriculture. Our control panel services include:
  · Motor control centres (MCC)
 · Switchboards
 · Floor standing, bayable enclosures
 · Wall mounted enclosures
 · AC and DC drives
 · DOL, SD starters
 · PLC controls
 · Safety integration
 · Modification to existing control panels

We manufacture control panels of all sizes, enclosed in a range of assemblies from floor standing bayable enclosures to wall mounted enclosures, which can include any form of separation from form 1 to form 4 depending on the customer’s requirements.

We can upgrade dated control panels, providing the customer with up to date components and documentation. This is crucial to help reduce downtime and keep the process or machine running efficiently.

RJ Electrical Engineering ltd offer programming and configuration of all major brands of PLC